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For over 3 decades, Frank Leyes has been making an impression on audiences that transcends far beyond his words. As an author. speaker and financial expert, he has a refreshing voice of optimism, clarity and insight. A successful career as a leader in the financial services industry has also empowered Frank with the life lessons learned from helping clients fulfill their highest life values as reflected in their stewardship. Frank can communicate with audiences in a way that only an someone at his expertise can, and they listen to him differently, knowing that he has been in their shoes. This results in a level of action and implementation following his speeches that is incredible to behold.

  • "A master communicator!"

    Jay Penny
  • "Frank's message, delivery style, and approach are a true gift. He connects with every personality in the room! One of the most effective presentations I've seen."

    Steven J. Atkinson VP, Loring Ward
  • "Frank gave our closing keynote speech at our national conference, and it was a very inspiring presentation. Frank's presentation was very well received by me and all of our attendees. I would highly recommend him."

    Russell Diachok President and CEO, Geneos Wealth Management
  • "Frank's presentation on significance literally changed my life. He truly has a way of challenging people in an easy yet powerful style that is easy to connect with."

    Paul Basballe
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