We have included here a variety of resources that we think you will find helpful.  These include videos, downloadable PDFs and planners, and links to important websites.  This page and website are not officially affiliated with Ivy Tech.  We have constructed this simply as a courtesy to Ivy tech and its team of employees and staff.

Women & Wealth Online Seminar

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Women and wealth have a special relationship, and women, widowers, and divorcees have specific challenges and needs.  This instant online seminar explores these and suggests solutions to meet these challenges and needs.


How to Maximize Your Retirement

Are you ready for retirement?  Will you be ready for retirement?  My instant online seminar explores the factors you need to address.  many of them will surprise you!  INCLUDES FREE GUIDE:  THE 12 KEY QUESTIONS EVERY RETIREE MUST ANSWER

Social Security Instant Seminar

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Social Security is a complex, sometime daunting subject.  In this instant online seminar, I cover the essentials every person should know.  INCLUDES FREE GUIDE:  THE 44 SOCIAL SECURITY SECRETS EVERY RECIPIENT SHOULD KNOW

Where Do I Stand Today Financial Worksheet

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You can’t determine where you are going without first knowing where you are!  This downloadable planner is designed to help you take inventory of your financial resources so you can plan then plan for the future.  CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF.

Where Will I Stand Tomorrow Worksheet

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This easy to use retirement planner is designed to let you move from “Where Am I Today?” to knowing your destination for tomorrow.  Download and complete this planner from your computer.  CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF.

Financial Counseling Worksheet

Financial Counseling Worksheet

This downloadable form serves two purposes.  First, it is a great way for you to gather and catalog critical information in advance of a meeting with a financial advisor.  Second, it is an excellent way for you archive this information in case you need to provide it to a loved one.  Keep a copy in your safe deposit box with your will.  CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE TO DOWNLOAD THE FORM.

Stewardship Central

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What if you could monitor and track all your financial resources in one place?  Stewardship Central is a financial dashboard, a secure location to track investments, savings, frequent flyer accounts and more, all in an encrypted vault.  You can even archive critical documents.  Stewardship Central is a complimentary service provided to all clients of Frank A. Leyes & Associates.

The Retirement Simulation

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Many wonder if they will be able to live on the money they have set aside for retirement.  In this video, I will walk you through an experiment you can do right now to see how your monthly resources will fare in retirement.

Transamerica Retirement Solutions Model Portfolios


CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE to download model portfolios.  These are examples or models that you may choose to use in your own investing.  Keep in mind there is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to investing or preparing for retirement, but you may find these models to be extremely useful.



95% of Americans will not have enough saved for retirement.  33% have saved nothing at all.  This brief video will show you a simple way to assure that you have enough put away to carry you through your retirement years.

How to Reduce Debt


Debt can cripple your financial health.  How much debt is too much for you?  And how can you deal with debt as you approach retirement?  This brief video will show you how to manage and minimize your debt.


We have put together a collection of “Quicklinks” for you.  These are links to important websites chock full of resources and information for you.  We have also included links to important government agencies and systems.

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